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Golden Dome

À la carte

is open on Tue-Sat 5pm-9pm.

As far as possible, the meals we prepare are made from high-quality raw materials from local producers. As we want to keep food waste to a minimum, we would like to ask you to book a table in advance.

Book online, by calling +358 (0)44 752 9196 or by e-mail:

We welcome you to enjoy!


From a starter to a meal?
Some starters are available as main courses.

  • House classic: mushroom soup (G, L)

    9 €

    Creamy mushroom soup of the day

    As main course 15 €

  • Blue cheese-apple salad with walnuts (G,L)

    11 €

    Green salad, roasted walnuts, Valio Aura blue cheese, apple and maple syrup vinaigrette

    As a main course 19€

  • Starter platter (G,L)

    12 €

    Air dried organic crudo, Väinö-brie, parmesan cheese, hard finnish goat cheese with turnip compote and local honey

  • Dome`s mushroom pan

    10 €

    Seasonal mushrooms fried in garlic butter, with finnish blue cheese and house artisan bread.
    (Also available as vegan and gluten free)

  • Jerusalem artichoke soup (G,L)

    9 €

    Velvety artichoke soup with maple syrup vinaigrette and house artisan bread

Main courses

  • Lamb balls in creamy sauce (G,L)

    25 €

    Lamb balls with creamy sauce, mashed potatoes and small green salad

  • Fried fish (G, L)

    32 €

    Local white fish in beurre monté -sauce, pommes anna and roasted seasonal vegetables

  • Grilled liver (G,L)

    26 €

    Liver with lingonberry-sparkling wine sauce, parsnip puree and seasonal roasted veggies

  • Entrecôte in port wine sauce (G, L)

    33 €

    Tender and marbled entrecôte with a dark port wine sauce, parsnip puree and roasted seasonal vegetables

  • House seitan (Ve,G,L)

    23 €

    Seitan steak and creamy pepper sauce, sweet potato wedges, seasonal roasted vegetables, red cabbage coleslaw, green salad and balsamic

  • Hietaniemi Ranch burger (L)

    22 €

    Brioche filled with local Highland cattle steak, Valio cheddar cheese, salad, red cabbage coleslaw, pickled onion and tomato. Sweet chili mayo dip. Also available as gluten-free

    With salad or potato wedges

  • Veggie burger (L)

    21 €

    Brioche filled with house made beetroot-black bean patty, salad, red cabbage coleslaw, pickled onion and tomato. Sweet chili mayo dip. Also available as vegan and gluten-free

    Served with salad or potato wedges


  • House ice cream sundae (G, L)

    5 – 7,50 €

    Vanilla ice cream and cloudberry compote
    1 scoop 5 €
    2 scoops 7,5 €

  • Chocolate-liquorice fondant (L)

    10 €

    Chocolate-liquorice fondant with liquorice sauce and vanilla ice cream. Also available as gluten-free

  • Blueberry rye crust pie (Ve,L)

    10 €

    Classic Savonian dessert served with vegan ice cream and blueberries

  • Squeaky cheese (G,L)

    10 €

    Finnish squeaky cheese in caramel sauce served with cloudberry jam

  • Almond financier (G,L)

    10 €

    Spongy soft cake served with raspberry sorbet and whipped cream

Children’s menu

Children can choose the main course between lamb, fried fish, seitan or sausages and add either mashed potatoes or potato wedges to the order. Price 10€/child. Children’s menu is meant for children under the age of 12 years.