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Golden Dome

À la carte

is open on Mon-Sat 5pm-9pm, please book a table.

As far as possible, the meals we prepare are made from high-quality raw materials from local producers. As we want to keep food waste to a minimum, we would like to ask you to book a table in advance.

Book online, by calling +358 (0)44 752 9196 or by e-mail:

We welcome you to be served!


From a starter to a meal?
Some starters are available as main courses.

  • Mushroom soup (G, L)

    9 €

    Creamy mushroom soup of the day
    As main course 15 €

  • Crème Ninon (L)

    9 €

    Velvety green pea soup made of fresh peas and herb oil served with garlic bread
    As a main course 15€
    (Also available as gluten free)

  • Starter platter (L)

    9,90 €

    Pesola’s smoked beef tartare, local artisan brie and honey, organic crudo, cherry marmalade

    For two 18€

  • Dome`s mushroom pan

    10 €

    Seasonal mushrooms fried in garlic butter, with finnish blue cheese and house artisan bread.
    (Also available as gluten free)

  • Vendace in rye crust (L)

    11 €

    Bacon and vendace in rye crust served with green salad,melon, marinated red onion and dill butter

  • Brie salad with berries (L, G)

    10 €

    Green salad with cucumber, berries melon and local honey
    As a main course 16€

Main courses

  • Chicken fillets in herb marinade and fresh pasta (L)

    25 €

    Served with cherry tomatoes and olives

  • Fried pike-perch (G, L

    30 €

    Fried pike-perch in tartar sauce, nettle pancakes and lightly roasted seasonal veggies

  • Beef with grilled salad (L, G, M)

    30 €

    Beef steak (180g), grilled zucchini, cherry tomatoes, pine seeds and roasted potato wedges

  • Housemade veggie balls (Ve, L, G

    19,50 €

    Hand made veggie balls made of local hemp seeds and fava beans, tartar-sauce, grilled salad and roasted potato wedges

  • Hietaniemi Ranch burger (L)

    21,50 €

    Local Highland cattle steak, House made briossi, Valio cheddar cheese, salad, tomatoes, pickled red onion and lingonberry mayo
    With salad or potato wedges

    with extra stake +5 €

    with bacon +1,50 €

  • Tasty veggie burger (L)

    19,50 €

    House made briossi, vegetable patty made of finnish pea protein, Valio Cheddar, salad, tomato, pickled red onion and lingonberry mayo

    with extra stake +3,50 €

    Served with salad or potato wedges


  • House ice cream sundae (G, L)

    5 – 7,50 €

    Vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce
    1 scoop 5 €
    2 scoops 7,5 €

  • Sorbet with berries (L, G, Ve)

    7,50 €
  • Blueberry rye crust pie (L)

    9,5 €

    Served with vanilla ice cream.

  • Strawberry-basil parfait (L, G)

    9,5 €

    Served with strawberry sauce

  • Rhubarb-strawberry Brita (L, G)

    9,50 €

    Classic Finnish summer cake made of a meringue base, fresh berries, and whipped cream

Children’s menu

Children’s menu is meant for children under the age of 12 years.

  • Meatball & sausage skewer (L)

    9,50 €

    Mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables

  • Little chicken (G, L, M)


    Chicken fillet, potatoe wedges and fresh vegetables

  • Small pike-perch (G, L)


    Pan fried pike-perch with mashed potatoes and vegetables.