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will open again on 1st of June

As far as possible, the meals we prepare are made from high-quality raw materials from local producers. As we want to keep food waste to a minimum, we would like to ask you to book a table in advance.

Book online, by calling +358 (0)44 752 9196 or by e-mail:

We welcome you to be served!


From a starter to a meal?
Some starters are available as main courses.

  • Zander soup (G, L)

    9,50 €

    Soup made from Lake Haapajärvi pike-perch served with sour cream and yogurt sauce.

  • Marinated tomato-mozzarella salad (G, L)

    7,50 €

    Marinated tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and capers.

  • Hearty green salad (L)

    8,50 €

    A hearty salad of lettuce, cherry tomatoes and toasted bread with
    some ingredients of choice:
    With grilled goat’s cheese and rosemary honey
    With broiled chicken breast and herb pesto.
    (Also available gluten free)

  • Small Finnish fish pasty from Upper Savonia (L)

    12 €

    Fish pasty filled with bacon and vendace, served with melted dill butter and marinated cucumber.

  • Smoked steak tartare from Pesola Farm (L)

    11 €

    Smoked beef from local Pesola Farm, served with juniper mayonnaise, red onion marmalade and home-made Karelian pasty.
    (Also available gluten free)

Main courses

  • Pasta with lemony chicken sauce (L)

    16 €

    Roasted chicken breast with lemon sauce, served with fresh pasta flavoured with lemon zest.

  • Beetroot-potato balls (G, L)

    17,50 €

    Beetroot-potato balls and steamed vegetables with crème fraîche and lingonberry sauce.

  • Dome venison flatbread (L)

    17,50 €

    Savonia potato flatbread served with grilled venison patty, lettuce, tomato, roasted onion and lingonberry mayonnaise.
    (Also available gluten free)

  • Broiled liver (G, L)

    19 €

    Broiled reindeer liver with mashed potatoes seasoned with onions and lingonberry compote.

  • Fried zander Parmesan (L)

    25 €

    Pike-perch coated with Parmesan cheese served with potato pancakes and fried capers seasoned with parsley.
    (Also available gluten free)

  • Slowly baked venison stew (L)

    26 €

    Slowly baked venison stew from Upper Savonia, served with spelt risotto and root vegetables.


  • House ice cream sundae (G, L)

    3,50-5,50 €

    Vanilla ice cream with cocoa-chocolate sauce
    1 ball €3.50
    2 balls €5.50

  • Raspberry sorbet with berries (G, M, L)

  • Lappish baked cheese braised in spruce-tip cream, served with cloudberry jam (G, L)

    9 €
  • Blueberry pasty with vanilla ice cream (L)

    8,50 €

Children’s menu

Children’s menu is meant for children under the age of 12 years.

  • Creamy chicken pasta (L)


    Fresh pasta and chicken breast with creamy sauce.

  • Venison patty (G, L)


    Patty made from minced venison, with creamy sauce and mashed potatoes.
    Served with cucumber and melon.

  • Small zander (G, L)


    Fried pike-perch with mashed potatoes and vegetables.


Mon-Fri from 8am to 9pm (10pm) Sat from 8am to 6pm (8pm) Sun from 8am to 12noon (evenings if needed)

During the holidays, we serve according to Sunday schedules or announce changes on our website.


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