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Golden Dome

Sauna and Giulu cabinet


Sauna for hotel guests and private sauna

The sauna at Hotel Golden Dome is available for hotel guests Mon-Thu from 6.45 pm to 9 pm.
On weekends the sauna is available to order only.

The sauna and Giulu cabinet are also rented for private use. Offer it as part of a meeting day!

A maximum of 15 guests at a time can bathe in the sauna.

Peat sauna at Hotel Golden Dome

Treatment sauna

Finnish treatment peat is a national treasure with health benefits. Treatment peat bogs were born
thousands of years ago, some already before the Ice Age. The treatment peat is cut from the
deepest layers, where the thriving flora that lived thousands of years ago have decomposed into a
soft mass.

Treatment peat sticks well to the skin due to its greasy texture. It works best when combined with a humid sauna. In this treatment you apply a thick layer of peat to your skin and sit down in the sauna.

Peat sauna relaxes, relieves pains and improves lymphatic circulation. Before or
after the sauna you sit down and put your feets to a warm herbal bath. Herbs are handpicked
from Finnish nature and makes your skin smooth and feet relaxed.

Duration: about 2,5 hours
Group size: 6 to 20 persons
Availability: all year round
Guiding languages: Finnish / English
Price (NET): 50 € / person
What’s included:
Peat, use of sauna, towel, herbal foot spa and drinking water.

Good to know:
You can wear your swimsuit or go naked.
Alcohol drinks are not recommended during treatment.