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Hotel Golden Dome

Hotel Golden Dome is an international, quality hotel with a unique and personal atmosphere.

Opened in 2016, Hotel Golden Dome is an international hotel that provides quality accommodation. We are situated in a quiet location by Kirkkopuisto park in Iisalmi town centre.

We provide comfortable accommodation for single travellers or groups, travelling for leisure or work. Our elegant hotel can sleep a total of 70 guests.

We organize meetings and training events, and tailor personalized parties in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

Our á la carte -restaurant is open on Tue-Sat 5-9pm.

At breakfast we serve local foods, and the Karelian pasties and rolls come freshly baked from our own kitchen.


  • bus station 450 m
  • railway station 200 m
  • Kuopio airport 70 km
  • Services, attractions and places to visit are a short distance away

You will be served by

Tarja Kinnunen

Housekeeping and decoration

Tarja is responsible for housekeeping at the hotel and restaurants.

Kati Paananen

Restaurant Manager

Kati is responsible for restaurant operations and events organization.

Anneli Rissanen


Anneli is responsible for kitchen operations including catering for events and the catering service.

Miia Nevalainen

Hotel Manager

Miia is responsible for hotel operations and meetings facilities.

You will reach us all by calling +358 44 752 9196 or by e-mail: or

History of the hotel building

The hotel building was completed in 1989. The original builder and owner was the Iisalmi Parish of the Orthodox Church of Finland. The building was earlier known by the name Evakkokeskus and Hotelli Artos, which was the meeting place for Karelian-Orthodox culture. Since the beginning, there has been a hotel in the building. In 2016, Hotel Golden Dome was opened under the present ownership. The hotel is owned by Kahdeksan Veljestä Oy, a company comprised of local entrepreneurs.