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Baking Karelian pies with family

Karelian pie workshop

Learn how to bake traditional Karelian pies with local guide!

Karelian pie is a delicious traditional food brought by border Karelian evacuees. In Iisalmi region,
there is a vibrant Karelian community and baking is one the ways to keep socializing.
The art of baking is moved from the one generation to another.

Duration: 2,5 hours
Location/Starting point: Hotel Golden Dome
Group size: 6 to 20 persons
Availability: all year round
Guiding languages: Finnish / English
Price (NET): 55 € / person
What’s included:
Learn how to make a pie crust and pie crimping technique under the guidance of a professional pie
maker. You will hear some stories about the history of the area and culture.
After baking you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Byzantine Hall while eating self-made pies
with several toppings and drinking tea or coffee.

Good to know:
Aprons and protective caps are available at the hotel, and a rolling pin with a hotel logo and the recipe of the Karelian pies are included for you.