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Dinner under the dome

Our Byzantine style dining hall is an attraction itself.
Would you like to complete the visual experiment with dinner made of local specialities?

Take a look to our head chef’s special Menus and book a table!

Menu Treasures of the forest

Dome’s mushroom pan (L)
Seasonal mushrooms fried in garlic butter, with finnish blue cheese and
house artisan bread.

Pike-perch and lemon-potato pancakes (G,L)
Fried pike-perch in beurre blanc sauce, herb oil, lemon-potato pancakes and lightly roasted seasonal root vegetables

House cloudberry sorbet (L, G)
Served with marinated cloudberry, cloudberry sauce and almond brittle



Menu Winter’s heart

Velvety soup (L,G)
Velvety parsnip soup and house artisan bread

Beef with red wine sauce (G,L)
Beef steak (180g) with red wine sauce, fried vegetables and potato wedges.

House chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream (L)
Self made warm cake with mint and coffee flavored