Dinner under the dome

Our Byzantine style dining hall is an attraction itself.
Would you like to complete the visual experiment with dinner made of local specialities?

Take a look to our head chef’s special Menus and book a table!

Menu Evakko

Dome’s blini (L)
Hand made blinis served with roe, reindeer mousse, pickled cucumber, red onion, sour cream and honey.
Recommendation drink: Prosecco 

Fried pike-perch (L)
Pan fried pike-perch crusted with parmesan and served with citrus-potato pancakes, vegetable of the season and white wine sauce
Recommendation drink: Riesling 

Blueberry rye crust pie (L)
Recommendation drink: Valamo monastery’s wine 
45 €

Menu Kupoli

Mushroom soup (L, G)
Creamy mushroom soup of the season
Recommendation drink: Riesling 

Dome’s elk stew (M, L)
Elk stew braised with time and beer served with potato wedges and root vegetable of the season.
Recommendation drink: A le coq porter

Bread cheese cooked in spruce sprout cream (L, G)
Recommendation drink: Valamo monastery’s wine
43 €

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